Refund policy

First of all any theme, plugin purchased by wptech company is refundable within 10 days of item purchace. You can request refund for any of purchased item on by wptech. You will get refund of your requested item within a week.Wptech will refund your payment via source you have paid.

Our team will take a look on your issues and try to solve them,but in case still you want your payment back here are some conditions that you can check before purchasing through wptech. Your purchased item ‘ll only be refundable in some cases.

  1. Only Throught Wptech: Item purchased through wptech will only be refunded,outside of wptech purchases not refundable
  2. Claim: You have to claim that you did’t keep any copies of requested refund item.
  3. Return item: wptech is not required to return item by law unless they got issues in it.
  4. Restocking fee:  may apply base on product price.